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What Are Lessons Like?

Most students at Hugh Christie comment that they enjoy lessons and really like their teachers. 

Lessons at Secondary School will be very similar to Primary School but, because you will be moving to different places, there are some differences:

  • Make sure you have your 'five a day', any homework due and other equipment (like your PE kit) packed the night before.

  • To have a successful lesson you must do everything possible to be on time.

  • When you arrive, your teacher will greet you. In your first lesson, your teacher will show you where you need to sit in their classroom.

  • When you go to your place, quickly unpack your bag taking out your five a day, planner, books and any homework due. Place your bag on the floor.

  • Stand behind your chair and wait silently to show the teacher you are ready to learn.

  • Make sure you listen really carefully to your teacher's instructions. If you are not sure what to do, your teacher will tell you how to get their attention. This will probably be to put your hand up BUT never call out.

  • Sometimes your teacher will ask you to work by yourself. This needs to be in silence. At other times you will work with others in teams. Working in teams is a really good way of learning lots of skills but you must stay on task.

  • During the lesson, make sure you are doing your best and being respectful to others and being responsible when using any equipment or resources. If you are not, your teacher will remind you. If you do not respond to their reminders, you will be asked to have a restorative conversation with them either at break or after school to discuss what is going wrong and how you can move forward. 

  • At the end of the lesson, make sure you know if you have been set any homework. 

  • Pack up all your belongings when your teacher tells you to and stand behind your desk in silence so your teacher knows you are ready to leave.

  • Leave the room and move on to your next activity.

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