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Be READY—School Uniform

Wearing the Hugh Christie uniform is compulsory.

  • Hugh Christie navy skirt* (Navy blue or black tights or socks must be worn with the skirt). No other skirt is permitted to be worn

  • OR Black tailored trousers made from at least 60% polyester

  • Pale blue open necked blouse with school logo

  • OR Plain pale blue shirt and House or Student Leader tie

  • Hugh Christie cardigan or jumper – not compulsory; can be worn under but NOT instead of a Blazer

  • Hugh Christie Blazer

  • Completely black leather shoes (not boots, trainers or full / part canvas shoes)


Other things not allowed:

  • Skirts other than the standard school uniform version

  • Trousers that are tight, skinny and/or not made from at least 60% polyester

  • Leggings (or similar)

  • Patterned or “fishnet” tights, footless tights or stockings

  • Boots, flip flops, trainers

  • Looped earrings, “bling” earrings with imitation jewels, multiple pairs of earrings

  • All other jewellery

  • Make up (including acrylic nails, nail gels, nail colouring and varnish)

  • Hoodies, denim jackets, leather jackets or tracksuit tops worn as an outside jacket

  • No jumper, jacket, cardigan or fleece other than those with a logo

  • Caps or hats unless relating to a medical requirement and agreed with the school

  • Wallet chains

  • Extreme hairstyles (Mohawks, tramlines, shaved patterns, less than grade two, unnatural hair dye colours)

  • Long sleeved tops underneath polo shirts, short sleeve shirts or blouses

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