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In Year 7, you always have homework - at least one hour a day.


Homework is really important as it supports your learning  in school and it will help you to achieve better grades.

Hopefully, you will also enjoy some of the tasks you are given!

So what homework should you be doing?

1. Tasks set by your teacher - These tasks will be to support what you have been doing in lessons or to go back over previous learning.

These will be set using a website called Show My Homework. You will be shown how to use this in September. Both you and your parents will be able to see what tasks you have been set and when it is due to be completed.

2. Reading for pleasure - Like anything else, reading is a skill that becomes better with practice. The objective of Reading for Pleasure is to increase your sense of achievement, confidence and develop your vocabulary – but most of all, you will learn to enjoy reading. 

All Year 7 students will be Accelerated Readers. You also have your Reading Journey in your planner with some ideas for different books and authors. Aim to ready for at least 15 minutes every day BUT if you have fewer tasks set by your teacher for some reason, you can use that time to do more reading.

3. Independent work - You will have knowledge and vocabulary to learn in all your subjects. Your teachers will help to break this down for you with Knowledge Organisers; these are tables or diagrams that summarise the knowledge, words and their meanings you need to know. You should spend time regularly looking over these Knowledge Organisers so can really get to learn all the important knowledge and words in your subjects.


We will share with you some ways of doing this so you can work out which way works best for you. Make this part of your regular routine for at least 15 minutes a day. If you have fewer tasks set by your teacher, you can spend more time on independent work.


If you are worried about your homework, speak to your Advisor and they will help you.

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