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Due to the current Covid-19 emergency, secondary schools have been advised that we should not be holding our usual induction days and face to face meetings.


However, we do recognise that some of you might like a face to face meeting with a member of staff at the school before your child starts in September.

Therefore, we are going to offer you the opportunity should you wish.

To make it as safe as possible:

  • You will drive into the visitors car park and be invited into the school from your car. 

  • You will not need to walk through the main part of the school to have the meeting.

  • The meeting will take place in a well ventilated open area. 

  • Different chairs will be used for each meeting and they will be cleaned before and after use.

  • All participants will be at least 2m apart

  • Where possible, meetings will be restricted to 15 minutes. 

To request a meeting, please complete the form below and a member of staff  will get in touch with you to arrange this as soon as possible.

Contact for a meeting

Thanks for submitting!

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