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The School Day

Lessons or Advisory starts at 8-30am. You should be at school by 8-25am at the latest. You should come in through the Student Entrance.

If you arrive earlier, you can come into school and wait in the cafe or playground areas and meet your friends before school. 

The school day is organised into one hour lessons or periods. At Hugh Christie you will have 24 periods in a week; five on Monday to Thursday and four on Friday. You will also meet your Advisor every day. 

We have 'pips' that sound when lessons are due to start. They will warn you at the start of the day and at the end of breaks that it is time to get to lessons.

You have break and lunchtime where you can socialise with your friends, take part in clubs and eat food you bring in from home or purchase in school.

Being on time to lessons is a really important sign you are ready to learn.

Monday to Thursday:

8:30 - Advisory

8:50 - Period 1

9:50 - Period 2

10:50 - Break

11:10 - Period 3

12:10 - Period 4

13:10 - Lunch

13:50 - Period 5

14:50 - End of the day


8:30 - Advisory

8:55 - Period 1

9:55 - Period 2

10:55 - Break / Lunch

11:35 - Period 3

12:35 - Period 4

13:35 - End of the day

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