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Break & Lunchtime

Break and lunchtime are different at Secondary School. 

You will have two  breaks on Monday to Thursday and one on Friday.

Break and lunchtime are important times for a range of activities. However, we know for some students, time outside of lessons can be difficult. 

Therefore the key is to make a plan!

Break time is spent with your year group. This is normally outside so you can get some fresh air but will be indoors in your Advisory room if it is wet. You should have a snack at break to keep you going through the morning.

Lunchtime is longer than breaktime and is divided into two sessions - one indoors where you can eat your lunch and one outside so you can run, play some games about and get some more fresh air!

Think about attending at least one club. We have many that are available at break and lunchtime, providing some alternative ways to spend your time. We will provide a list of the clubs at the start of term.

Make sure you go the toilet!

Advisors allow their advisory group to use their classroom at break and lunchtime.  It is really important these are kept clean and tidy.

Phones can be used at break and lunchtime but need to be used responsibly. Also, do not miss out on talking to friends because you are staring at a screen!

If you are finding break and lunchtime difficult, speak to your Advisor and they will help you to find some ways of making it better.

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