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Reading & The Howard Library

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The Library is open during Break and Lunch times for you to choose books or sit quietly reading, doing Homework or browsing through our selection of magazines. We have subscriptions for the Junior National Geographic magazine, Science magazines, sports magazines and many more.


At Hugh Christie, we feel reading is so important and can give so much fun that we do give you a gift of a free book in Year 7 and then another book on your birthday in Year 8.  There is a wide range of books to choose from and if there is an author or book that you think we haven’t got and need to get, then just tell us. 

We are incredibly proud of our library at Hugh Christie. We have one of the biggest stocks of books for any school library in Kent and we keep it up to date with all the latest children’s and Young Adult books. If you have a book you love that we haven’t got, then just tell us and we will put it on our list to add to the Library. We always welcome ideas for new books and new authors to try.


Mrs Wood is the Librarian and she will help you choose books and give you recommendations for good books to read.  She will also help you in your Library lessons, listening to you read and helping you with your books for Accelerated Reader.

In Year 7, you will go to the Library once a fortnight in your English lessons to read, do activities on books and follow our Accelerated Reader programme which encourages you to read books, do quizzes and improve  your confidence and ability in reading.   We regularly have Reading Millionaires in Year 7 – these are people who have read a million or more words!

You can borrow books for up to three weeks and this can be renewed if you haven’t quite finished reading the book.


We are so lucky at High Christie in that we have children’s authors who visit us regularly to do talks and work with students on their writing and creativity.


If you click on The Howard Library link on the Hugh Christie Website, you can see some of the books we have. Enjoy your reading over the Summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.

In the meantime, click here for some book ideas and authors.

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