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Food & Drink

It is really important that you drink plenty of water during the day. Therefore, bring a water bottle with you. It can be refilled at the drinks fountains or from the cafe.

You have three times in the day when you can eat or buy food  - before school, morning break and lunchtime.

You can bring food in from home to eat or purchase it from the cafe. The cafe has two outlets - one inside and other in the playground.

On your first day at Hugh Christie, provided we have permission, we will take an image of your finger print. When you want to buy food at the cafe, you will place your finger on a sensor. We do not take money at the cafe.

If you have a meal provided, the cafe will know this and you can choose what to buy up to a maximum amount. If not, you can add money either by your parents doing this online or by you adding cash using the machines in the cafe; we will show you how to do this on the first day.

The food at the cafe is really nice with a wide choice.

As at Primary School, you will need to queue to buy food. The queue can look quite long sometimes but it does move really fast. We will allow Year 7 to come to lunch early for the first few days to get used to how lunchtime works so don't worry!

You can eat food in one of four places: The Main Hall, The Space, The Cafe or Outside Eating Space. A few students are allowed to eat in the Skills Centre with special permission. You cannot eat in classrooms or corridors. All rubbish must be responsibly placed in bins or taken home.

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