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Your Learning Journey

The Learning Journey is an opportunity for you to record all your achievements inside and outside of school.  At the end of the year, you will receive a report with all these achievements. In the future, when you are applying for jobs, College, Sixth Form, Apprenticeships or University, you can look back at your record card to remind yourself of all the experiences you had and skills you developed. You can then use these in your application

Year 7 Learning Journey

  • Become a member of The Howard Library

  • Listen to a presentation given by a guest speaker

  • Ensure attendance is over 97%

  • Take part in a club

  • Actively seek out House Points

  • Exercise your Student Voice

  • Perform random acts of kindness

  • Help at an Experience Event

  • Learn about the work place

  • Take part on Skills Builder challenges

  • Participate in a school production

  • Prepare and take part in formal exams

  • Participate in House activities

  • Develop skills to remember knowledge

  • Participate in a school trip

  • Develop good independent learning habits

  • Learn a new skill and practise it to become better at it

  • Learn about and practise Mindfulness

  • Present ideas to an audience

  • Work collaboratively in a team

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